Taxi Service

Taxis in Oulu and Raahe

Our taxis operate from Oulu and Raahe with vast operational range. You can call ad hoc or pre-book your journey. We are open all day, every day.

Our fleet consists of high-quality minivans for 1-8 passengers. All our vehicles are equipped with alcohol ignition interlock. We offer free Wi-Fi together with USB charging ports on board our taxis. We accept cash, bank and credit cards, distance sales payments or invoice payments. Taxi transport service is subject to license, and we hold both taxi and commercial transport licences.

Safe and comfortable wheelchair accessible transports

We offer a quality service for customers using wheelchair. Our drivers are trained in assisting customers according to their needs.

When needed, we also have high-quality Pensi 2000MA stretcher equipment and stretcher-trained drivers for customers with no immediate need for medical care.

Kela - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland taxi reimbursement

Our taxis are members in the direct reimbursement system for transports carried out for medical reasons. Children under 16 who are travelling alone or those who have been granted the right to use a familiar taxi, may order transport from our direct number. For more information about familiar taxi policy, please visit Kela website

Parcel Service

Valkia parcel service operates around the clock, every day of the year. We provide fast and reliable express delivery service for small and large parcels in stable temperature with 12 VDC or 230 VAC availability when required. Please contact for more information!

A taxi parcel delivery service is subject to license, and we hold both taxi and commercial licences.